Welcome, mama! You did it. You've walked through the portal, given birth and have transitioned to becoming a mother. 


If you are like most new moms, you may be feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, confused and alone. Unless you had set up a solid postpartum plan with adequate support (which we can certainly do together), you may be blindsided by just how raw, messy and intense this can be. 


There is so much emphasis on birth, which is of course amazing, but postpartum is often overlooked and underestimated. No one can really prepare you for the depth and breadth of changes that occur, not only to your body but also to your mind, heart, home and relationships. And it can be hard to know what we need in terms of support - how much, what kind and with whom.


The transition from maiden to mother (or even one kid to two+) is one of the steepest learning curves we will ever  experience. Many of us suffer because we feel completely disorientated but now have this tremendous responsibility of caring for a new baby with little time to process or heal. Maybe our partners are already back to work and we are alone all day every day with a fussy baby. Or we feel depleted by pregnancy and birth but have little energy to prepare and cook nourishing meals. We can even have the most extraordinary birth and yet still have the need for deep rest, integration and support. 


This is another area where we have been brainwashed into believing we need to do it alone, that it is a privilege to have help, that the sole responsibility to care for this baby is ours and ours alone. We should just be grateful we have a baby right? Our mothers did it alone, why can't we?


Are we starting to sense the pattern here? 


The current setup doesn't work for families and most definitely not for mothers. We have a biological need to lay in bed with our babies, falling in love and bonding, tending to their needs around the clock while giving our bodies the proper rest and recuperation it deserves. Pregnancy and birth are a tremendous feat, requiring so much energy and effort, that it makes sense to create the time and space to recover. 


Because of this, we need others to pour into us through nourishing meals, warmth, bodywork and presence. Postpartum moms must have others to step in to cook, clean, tend to the other children, do the laundry and otherwise run the household so we can do the most important work of all, resting. What can be crazier in our hustle, capitalistic culture?!


This is not a pipe dream but it does take time, energy, effort, resources, planning, money and community to do it. It is absolutely possible and in my opinion, a necessity. My first postpartum I was still seeped into the patriarchy and was up and about 4 days after giving birth. I felt strong and capable but I lacked respect around rest and integration. I didn't ask for help because my ego believed I could do it all. My second postpartum was the absolute worst. I had a very hard birth, my body felt destroyed, my nervous system was on high alert and it was all during the pandemic where in-person support was unavailable. It was brutal. I felt so alone, broken and in pain and vowed to do things differently the next time. 


And wow, did I ever. I am coming off of the best postpartum bubble I could have ever dreamed possible because I found ways to create it. I have been held, deeply nourished, expansively supported and tended to the way every single mother should. Instead of being a depleted shell of myself, I feel more solid, integrated and resourced than ever before. 


I want this for you.

I want this for all women. 


If you already had your baby and are fumbling around in need of guidance, I got you, woman. It is not too late. But it will require you to figure out what you need, ask for it and most importantly, be open and willing to receive it. 


Postpartum can be a wildly peaceful, incredibly healing and beautiful opportunity to alchemize all of the learnings from pregnancy and birth and infuse it into the new version of yourself.


Allow me to support you in this process.



Our work together can focus on: 

  • Processing and integrating your birth experience¬†
  • The physiologic design of babies and mothers¬†
  • Essential elements of postpartum healing
  • Asking for, receiving and affording support
  • Breastfeeding guidance
  • Nutrition for mama and baby¬†
  • Creating and maintaining boundaries¬†
  • Respectful parenting principles including¬†RIE
  • Gentle movement for restoring core and pelvic floor¬†
  • Rituals and ceremonies for welcoming in this new version of yourself


This package includes:

  • 5 coaching calls¬†
  • Book recommendations¬†
  • Journal prompts
  • Text/email support

*Postpartum coaching is a 3-month commitment.

$999 or 3 payments of $333

One-Time Payment
Monthly Payment Plan

Single sessions (60 min) are available for any of the above topics as well as for:

  • Yoga + Meditation¬†
  • Life Coaching¬†
  • Birth + Pregnancy Consulting¬†
  • Postpartum Planning¬†
  • Birth Trauma Debrief
  • Mother's Blessing Ceremony¬†
  • Parenting Philosophy¬†
  • Any and all challenges related to motherhood¬†

$175 or 3 session bundle for $450

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3 Session Bundle

She patiently holds your hand when and where you need it but also gives the space for finding your own way. I couldn’t imagine my first birth experience without her.

  -Michelle L.

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